All versions of PickWise run under Microsoft Windows environments only.
Recommended hardware specifications for the different versions of PickWise are as follows:

PickWise Blue Desktop
Dual Core Processor – 2GHz minimum
250GB Hard Disk
Microsoft Office Home edition or Higher for reports
Windows 7 Professional or later operating system.

PickWise Blue Server
Customers are advised to contact us for the latest server specifications.

PickWise Red:
Windows XP or Lower* with a serial port for Intermec Handsets or free USB port for Symbol/Motorola Handsets

PickWise Green:
Windows XP or lower* with a serial connection port for the Intermec Handsets

*please note - PickWise Green and Red are not supported on Windows Vista or Windows 7 due to underlying compatibility issues. Customers are advised to contact us prior to upgrading their PickWise Red and Green PCs to discuss specific requirments or possible upgrades to PickWise Blue.