the Pickwise process

PickWise is the preferred production recording and monitoring solution for the largest growers in the UK and Ireland. Using a handheld barcode scanner, work hours and processes are recorded easily and electronically with no margin for error. PickWise is simple to use, saving you time, effort and money. PickWise runs on a standard Windows computer, using portable, rugged easy to use data capture devices in the field. Equipment can be purchased or rented directly from us. PickWise produces a wide range of reports and a wealth of critical analysis data. Powerful exports allow you to integrate your data to third party software - data can be quickly exported to HMRC Accredited Payroll Software such as Sage to save clerical time. Instant access to your PickWise data saves time and effort and customers say is invaluable during audits. Multi-site access gives you access to your data where and when you need it, and with the right infrastructure even when you are away from the office. Productivity reports in PickWise allow users to deploy their most productive labour force where they can maximise profitability. Conversely PickWise will identify under performers so remedial action can be taken.

PickWise also contains a powerful Human Resource (HR) Program that takes the pain out of administrating your workforce. Say goodbye to hunting through paperwork to find that elusive worker, visa or passport number. PickWise provides workforce information instantly at your fingertips which means you can store original paperwork or important workforce documents safely out of harms way. The secure database PickWise uses contains all your your labourforce HR information and is password protected, meaning that all your data is secure from prying eyes.

But that's not all - PickWise has an integrated resource allocation system which records all issues and returns and can utilise electronic signatures along with medical history and requirements as well as any specialist skills your workers may have.

In the field or glasshouse, PickWise saves you money by ensuring your work is recorded quickly, easily and without error. PickWise lets you see "who did what, where, when at what cost?" PickWise quickly lets you see how your production is performing against your budgeting forecast, whenever you need to.

Time is money for all businesses, and the time saved by using PickWise ensures you get the maximum return on your workers time and can deploy your most productive workers to the most profitable area of the business. PickWise is fast and accurate which ensures that you won't be spending time having to re-check paper production records before inputting them into your computer. Because PickWise is so easy to use, your workers can work and your supervisors can spend their time supervising.

However large or small your labour pool, PickWise will save you time and money in administration, with the added bonus of having all your workforce history at your fingertips. To find out more and how PickWise can save you time, money and effort please take a look at our latest product brochure or contact us and why not take a look at what our existing customers have to say.