labour productivity, cost management & production recording software

what is PickWise?

PickWise is an easy to use electronic labour productivity and production recording program. Hours worked plus production data is recorded in the field or glasshouse and then transferred to the office computer, where PickWise produces a variety of reports, saving you time, effort and money. No more laborious paper-based processes which require manual input into complex and time consuming Excel spreadsheets. PickWise gives you your recorded data quickly and easily at your fingertips. Integrated Worker Management tools can also record every aspect of your labour force from emergency medical information & equipment issued, to any disciplinary action that has been taken.

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how can it help me?

PickWise can record and report on the costs to your business, showing where time and money can be saved. Productivity reports in PickWise allow users to deploy their most productive labour force where they can maximise profitability. Conversely PickWise will identify under performers so remedial action can be taken. PickWise data can be quickly exported to HMRC Accredited Payroll Software such as Sage to save clerical time. Instant access to your PickWise data saves time and effort and customers say is invaluable during audits. Multi-site access gives you access to your data where and when you need it.

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