recommended hardware

At present we offer two main handsets, both of which are fully ruggedised IP rated devices suitable for use in an agricultural environment. All of our handsets come with Laser barcode scanners (not the inferior cheap LED scanners) which are essential to be able to quickly and accurately record barcodes in the bright sunlight of an outdoor environment.

We firmly believe in supplying industrial grade devices, and as such although our real time reporting can be viewed on mobile phones or tablets, using consumer devices to attempt to record production data is a false economy. They are not suitable for the job and will not stay the course.



Motorola MC-55 Handset - the workhorse device used by most of our customers in the UK and abroad.
Fast and reliable this handset is fully certified for industrial use day in, day out.

Motorola MC-45 Handset - the little brother of the MC-55 it is still as tough and reliable but comes with a smaller screen and a more pocket-friendly chassis.
Ideal as a backup scanner or for use in peak season to supplement the MC-55 in accurately recording information.

Click on the images below for Specifications for each handset (will require a PDF reader):

MC45 HandsetMC-55 Handset

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