customer testimonials

"We have been using Pickwise for the last 10 years, recently upgrading to the Blue version.
Precision recording of hours and volumes being picked is crucial in the fruit industry to enable you to lower production costs and ensure correct payment of workers and this is exactly what PickWise Blue does.
Easy to use in the field and to set up, the system allows fast and accurate recording of all our crops and labour intensive tasks.
Very helpful and informed staff using handset reports can ensure that if there is a problem it is fixed promptly with minimum delay.
All in all PickWise is a very easy user friendly reporting system that can be adjusted to suit your own needs and makes looking at results quick and simple.

We have trialled other solutions but for us, PickWise meets and exceeds our requirements "

Soft and Top Fruit Grower - Scotland

"We have used PickWise for the last few years, and while we use our payroll software weekly or our agronomy software occasionally, we rely on PickWise every single working day.
It reports on worker performance, harvest yields and production costs giving us an accurate overview of our business productivity whenever we need it, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or even annually.
A fully-feature production recording system, PickWise records work done both in the fields and across the farm quickly and accurately, so that we no longer waste time on 'pen and paper' recording and the inevitable headaches that come with tracking it. Wage data is viewable within the application and exported in seconds to our Sage Payroll Software for the weekly Wage run. During the day handset reports allow field supervisors to track production totals and rates so that we don't keep expensive labour out in the fields longer than is strictly necessary. Comprehensive PC reports give us data on top performers so we can incentivise them, and under-performers so we can re-deploy them. As data is available over a number of years we can see performance metrics at a glance and know exactly how much it is costing us to harvest.
As we operate throughout the year with a fluctuating and diverse workforce, PickWise's integrated Worker Management system is a particular boon to us. While other software companies see this as an 'additional chargeable extra' PickWise rightly recognises that workforce management is the lynch-pin of a successful business. As a soft-fruit producer labour costs both direct and indirect are a significant proportion of the overall production costs. PickWise helps us save directly by reducing the unit-cost of production and indirectly by making labour management quick and easy.
Traceability and Provenance are key to the company's continued success, we operate 'Integrated Crop Management' systems utilising the latest growing technology and environmentally friendly growing disciplines, and PickWise is an important  part of that.
As one of the most diverse of Britain’s premier soft fruit suppliers we’ve trialled other solutions and we’ve found that the flexibility that PickWise offers meets our unique requirements best. In short, it’s the best fit for us."

Soft Fruit Grower - England

"We use PickWise Blue in all parts of our farming operation on a daily basis. It particularly helps us with Labour Management, where it gives us accurate up to date information on picking and other related costs, proportionate to harvesting our fruit and vegetable crops. The program integrates well with Sage Payroll and saves a great deal of office administration time. The reports that the program produces covers all the regulatory wages requirements. The small handheld scanners can easily be placed in a pocket and with the very user friendly program we can record each operation within the field environment. This gives us the advantage of being able to use real time figures. Other operations such as venting, spraying, lacing, weeding etc., can all have an exact cost allocated to a specific block. Yields of each field or block are recorded at time of picking, with a breakdown of product grading and time of harvesting which is invaluable for traceability of products during audits. From this data we can collate average kilos per picker per hour. This data is extremely helpful in forecasting for future orders - how many pickers are required for each section and also for working out what time deliveries will reach the Packhouse. PickWise Blue allows us to analyse in such great detail , when working within such a volatile market it is such an important factor, it allows us to make decisions’ from accurate costing as to when the viability of a crop has come to an end. This provides a solid platform for the future of our business."

Soft Fruit Grower - Ireland